Referred to us by your home school district;

Once a student is expelled, their home school will contact Lincoln and send proper paperwork. After an intake meeting with a counselor, parents, and the student, they will begin at Lincoln and be expected to stay until their expulsion is up. Lincoln reserves the right to not accept any students they feel will not benefit from the program.

Continue with your education in lieu expulsion;

Students remain a part of their homeschool while they are attending Lincoln School. All transcripts must come from their home school. As well, their home school has the final say on what activities students can and cannot participate in during their expulsion.

You can earn credits in any core subject area;

Since the program is online, students can work on what classes they need to get back on track and/or continue with their education. Edgenuity offers every semester of all required classes by each school. Edgenuity also offers classes for students to make up electives like Physical Education. Other electives offered are Sociology, Psychology, Art, Spanish, Computer Applications, Career Planning and Development, and Strategies for Academic Success.